Have you ever seen a child’s small fingers busily guiding a crayon over a sheet of paper? Or observed a child sinking their hands into a moist ball of clay, kneading and squeezing and forming sculptures? If yes, then you have seen the concentration on these children's faces, and the joyful expressions of art explored. You have witnessed how deeply they are affected by experiencing creative art.

When a child creates, they are nourishing their entire being- training their linguistic, logical and mathematical skills, stimulating and developing imagination and critical thinking. Art is an amazing educational tool! It increases motivation to learn and heightens children’s self-esteem; it makes them feel good about what they have to say and how they say it and helps them to learn how to work co-operatively.

It is therefore vitally important to integrate Art into a child’s life. Sadly though, many children from deprived backgrounds, particularly in a developing country such as the Philippines, are not given the time, space and resources to play and create. As soon as they are able to walk, they have to watch over their siblings while their parents are away working. As soon as their bodies are capable of manual work, they spend their entire days helping their parents to earn money. This is where Art relieves Poverty steps in.

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for children

Our mission is to provide disadvantaged children with free access to art materials and volunteer led art workshops, apart from offering financial support for school fees and materials. We do this because we strongly believe that change can only come about if you equip children with the tools they need to bring it about in the future.


Education is one of the most important factors for success. The success of a person, a people and ultimately, a nation. Therefore, half of our resources flow into supporting children from particularly disadvantaged backgrounds through covering school fees and providing them with school materials until they graduate from high school or, in many cases, from college.


As you can read in our mission statement, we believe that Art must play a part in every child’s life. With the help of many generous volunteers we organise regular Art workshops in poor areas of the Philippines, providing all the necessary materials and celebrating the finished works with an open exhibition. Besides, we also supply schools with Art materials, in order to be able to hold their own workshops on location.

how we



We have partners in several European countries who regularly hold fundraising events in order to raise awareness for our cause and gather donations. Our most recent events include an Ethical Fashion Show at Cambridge University, Great Britain, Art Workshops in Vienna, Austria, and a Rio-Gonzales designs Runway in Valencia, Spain. If you are planning on holding a fundraising event and want to include our project, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Art & Paintings

The artworks produced by our talented participants in the Philippines are up for grabs! Click through the gallery and contact us if you are interested in purchasing one of the paintings.



Most of our work, including the day-to-day costs of paying for Art and school materials depends heavily on voluntary donations and every penny counts. We greatly appreciate any help you are able to offer. Please click here if you are willing to contribute to our work.

Fashion & Design

If you are looking for sustainable haute couture evening gowns with a conscience, look no further! We work closely with the designer brand rio&gonzales. They craft breath-taking ball and cocktail dresses, entirely from sustainably produced silk, and donate half the profit of their sales directly to our project.


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Thank you for considering to actively support Art relieves Poverty! If you would like to find out more about opportunities to volunteer, please contact us
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Your generous and self-less contributions are what keeps our project going.

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